Our latest products can produce a high resolution print, with greatly improved quality. Sharp logos and small text can be printed up to 200m/minute.

Some versions of the equipment can run faster still, and we are looking for customers to work with as development partners in this area.


The mounting arrangement includes a lead screw for easy height adjustment, and the cushioning cylinder makes the base plate float accurately over the material, giving a consistent height and print quality.


For slower speed lines, we have a range of lower-cost brackets to help with installation costs. We like to build projects that are sturdy and will last, so this may not be suitable for every application.

In terms of running cost, the cartridges are less expensive to run than you would think, especially if you consider that improved clarity and density allows the same impact with a smaller font. With a bulk ink systems the print head cartridges are fed from a single bulk ink source, resulting in a lower cost per litre and so per print. 

The cheapest printer we have for this application is around £1000 plus installlation. 

On some lines we can work with a product gap as little as 2mm, and print a bar code onto each piece.