Hand-held printing devices for portable marking. High resolution for bar coding, or scan-to-print functionality.

Dragon D1.PNG

Sojet D1 “dragon” HANDHELD PRINTER

Very fine high resolution inkjet printing using HP cartridges. Character heights from 1mm to 12.7mm, sharp logos and legible bar codes on most substrates. Easy to use with the LCD touch screen for message editing, selection or backup. USB backup and restore. Low cost as well!

Handjet Seitenansicht.jpg

EBS-250 handjet Printer

The Handjet prints a dat matrix effect, using 16 dots over 28mm. It is battery operated, and programmed wirelessly over a PC to printer Bluetooth connection.

It is limited for ISMP15 marking, but excellent for regular alphanumeric codes, especially onto rough surfaces.

Uses such as applying part numbers, property identification, or production date codes are ideal for this convenient, portable device.

EBS-260 600dpi (2).jpg

ebs-260 handjet Printer

This model prints twice the size of the 250, using 32 dots over 56mm. This means that many logos are possible using the low-res, "large character" effect.

It also features a touch screen, so data can be edited without re-sending the message from a PC. For factory environments it can be programmed over a web browser.